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Project Eden

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:29 am

This is Kody the creator of Project Eden. Project Eden has taken me over a year to create. It is a combination of different things I've enjoyed in a private server and a lot of hard work, trial and error. This is my first server and it's not perfect but I think you guys will really enjoy it. Let me know what you think. Shoot me an IM if you have any questions or suggestions. I would love to see this community grow and thrive. Also feel free to message me in game for any help you may need. All that aside here's a few key points of Project Eden:

* I've strategically designed the economy to be PK based and Merch based to encourage trading.

* PK shops and point systems are working great. There will be more benefits and items added in due time.

*Voting systems are in place but have not been fully coded to allow you guys to vote so don't worry about it. Another thing that will be added in due time. For the time being we will grow organically.

*Certain NPC sprites are glitchy. This is something that will also hopefully be fixed in due time. Hopefully it will not stop you guys from enjoying the game.

*The only special attack that doesn't seem to work is for the Granite Maul. This will also hopefully be fixed by my first update. For the time being it has been beefed up in stat to compensate for lack of special attack similar to a two-handed weapon.

*Summoning and Dungeoneering are a part of the games stats and drops but have not been fully coded. I left them out personally to add more to the 317 aspects of the game. Only me and fellow staff members will have a total CB level with all skills.

*Donators gain several benefits including Donor status. They can also access to the Donor Zone where there are a variety of NPC's that drop rare items. They're is also exclusive fishing areas, magic trees, and portals. Donor's also receive access to the Donor Shop of Rares, Stat reset, spell-book switch, and instant slayer tasks to name a few great benefits. Plus you are supporting the costs of upkeep for Project Eden and any amount helps.

*Lastly all donator status and items are currently being manually processed. I am working on an automatic voting and donor system that will expedite the system. So once payment is received for status and or item/items the order will be full-filled within 24 hours via myself or one of the other staff members.

Current Staff Members:
Kody (myself)(Owner/Developer)

Some highlights of Project Eden!

*various shops
*slayer + more!

Awesome Mini-Games including fun-pk, duel arena, pest control and more.

Tons of monsters to train on with great drops!

Over 10 bosses from God Wars to Avatar Of Destruction and all in between!

Plenty of places to train non combat skills such as woodcutting, cooking, fishing etc.

There's all this and much more. We just launched today so hopefully you can come be a part of our growing community!

Download and play today! (Directions to run game properly listed in download):

You can download the client and join our community at:

Thank you for letting us advertise Rune-Server! Been using and visiting you guys for years!


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