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Post by Admin on Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:59 am

Download & Play Project Eden.

Folder contains Client + Cache + Directions to run client. Directions and programs you will need (also included in folder):

*Download Winrar (Archiving/unzipping tool)  Link:

*Unzip Project Eden RSPS File. (Unzip/extract here)

* Download Java Development Kit (JDK) Link:

*You will need to copy and paste acheron.cache into your C: Drive.

*The JDK link I provided above is already the current version listed on the run.bat + compile.bat.

*Double click compile and let it finish.

*Then double click Run. Sign in with any username or password and enjoy!

*If compile.bat or run.bat does not load make sure you have downloaded JDK and simply click edit on both compile.bat and run.bat and replace the JDK version with your version. You can look up your version by going into your search file bar on windows and search and version can be seen there.

OR copy and paste acheron.cache into your C: drive from folder download link listed above and then run ProjectEdenV2.Jar
Download here:

**All files are virus free and completely safe** I look forward to seeing all of you on Project Eden!

Current Staff Members:
Kody (myself)(Owner/Developer)
Stygius (Admin)
Dude12 (Head of Mods)
Maxwmt (Mod)

Some highlights of Project Eden!

*various shops
*slayer + more!

Awesome Mini-Games including fun-pk, duel arena, pest control and more.

Tons of monsters to train on with great drops!

Over 10 bosses from God Wars to Avatar Of Destruction and all in between!

Plenty of places to train non combat skills such as woodcutting, cooking, fishing etc.

Enter the Donor Zone and have exclusive access to rare items and NPCS!

There's all this and much more. We just launched today so hopefully you can come be a part of our growing community!

[imgDownload and play today! (Directions to run game properly listed in download):

You can download the client and join our community at:
Project Eden][/img]


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